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Minecraft Inspiration & Tips


On this you will find links to Minecraft websites that may provide:

Minecraft Decoration - Find ideas and tips on how to spruce up your Minecraft builds with added detail and aesthetics.

Minecraft Tips - Tricks, guides and explanations on how to get the most out of your time in Minecraft or accelerate your progress.

Minecraft Design - See builds that have wowed someone enough to share them with others - draw inspiration from these and apply the methods in your own builds.


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  MC Architecture A look at contemporary architecture within Mojang's Minecraft
  Minecraft Architecture Minecraft blueprints, plans and tutorials with step by step instructions and lots of photos!
  Minecraft Furniture A collection of furniture that can be built in the PC game Minecraft without using mods. It serves to give inspiration to those wishing to furnish their Minecraft structures.
  Minecraft Pixel Art Ideas Minecraft pixel art templates, some great simple building ideas, creative inspiration
  Minecraft Video Tips Minecraft Video Tips: 1000s of Videos to Help You Become a Minecraft Expert